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Elvis Poop Update-

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Well, im certain it is diet related. Today I took him off Orijen and Gave him boiled rice and overcooked oatmeal to help settle his tummy. His poop is firm. Go figure. Now goes the search for a new food.
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Have you considered RAW? Sorry if I missed that in a previous thread. My limited knowledge would be to very slowly add any new food to what he is getting now. Good luck.
We had some minor GI issues with two of our dogs, the most recent being the GSD pup. A raw diet did them wonders. Our other dog had skin issues until after we changed him to a raw diet. I'm not saying it's a miracle cure, but if you're careful, you can avoid a lot of useless and/or potentially harmful additives found in dog food today.

Edit - I forgot to mention, poop updates rock!
That's great! Just try to go slow making the switch....add new kibble to the chicken/oats...Good Luck!

I just love the title of the thread, and had to bump it to the top!!!!
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