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Not to ramble but, I feel that the EC collar is a wonderful's always there when we need it, although rarely used. We're not around here shocking our dog because he's barking and wants to play....we recognize that's not fair to him. But I'll also say this, he doesn't run in the road at all anymore....he won't jump our stone wall anymore....and most importantly, he doesn't go in the yard next door to sit at the sliding door to antogonize the pit bulls. For us, it's been a win win situation and we highly recommend it, for what that's worth
It sounds like you're using the collar to keep the dog in the yard more than anything else, is that right? (setting boundaries)
I wouldn't use one for teaching obedience, but if you have a dog that wants to run out of the yard, the collars, (and underground fences) can be life savers. (Unless they don't mind the pain like our male.:))

My only advice is, if you aren't doing it already, take the collar off when the dog is inside for the night or a long period of time. The prongs can wear away the fur if they're on all the time.
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