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1 > if the best results are with a toy what's
the E-collar used for.

2 > you crank it up for taunting the dogs next door,
chasing raccoons and coyotes. you stated you use the
E-Collar as a reinforcing tool. what are you reinforcing
at these times???

3 > around the house you shock her but minimally. an inside dog
does a lot of things that could be annoying untill they're
trained to do differently. they do things inside and outside
that's annoying. it's shocking to think how often you're
shocking your dog.

how about training your dog not to taunt
the dogs next door? teach your dog not to run
into the street. teach your dog not to chase things
by usuing, "no", "leave it", "stop", "come", etc.
to me it sounds like you're shocking your dog
as opposed to verbal training and socializing.

1 > But recently I've found that I get the best results by using his favorite toy as a reward when he follows my commands.

2 > I only use the EC as a reinforcing tool and never a punishment tool. I'll crank it up when he's doing something that may cause him going to taunt the two pit bulls next door, trying to run into the road, and chasing raccoons and coyotes, etc.

3 > Around the house for annoying issues, it's set to a minimal setting at best. Of course, we all have used it on ourselves at different settings to experience first hand what we're doing to the dog.

Lastly, we always use our tone button first which emits a sound, if that doesn't work, then we'll give him a tickle. After two weeks, we're finding that the tone is enough to get him to respond for 90% of most problems.

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i got my dog at 9 weeks old. my dog is now 3 yrs old.
my dog never had or has a collar on when he's home.

Well, I think we'll have to agree to disagree with the EC, I've seen wonderful results and it seems to work really well when used properly. Yes, Steeler wears his more than half of the day, but that certainly doesn't mean it's being used.....

it's no different at all then wearing a regular collar all day, and I'm pretty sure that most owners keep a collar on 24/7.

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have you asked the owner about putting
up a fence or are you assuming the owner
doesn't want a fence up???

We would love to have a fence...LOVE it....but unfortunately we rent our house and whether or not I was willing to pay for it is irrelevant being that the owner wouldn't want one up. The tenants here prior to us had a temporary one they put up, but it was promptly taken down. I'm not sure if it was because it was ugly, temporary, or what the reason was,

but I'm confident that the owner just doesn't want the property changed.

I guess the property here just doesn't allow for it without ruining the integrity of the property.
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