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E-collars should be a last resort tool with the kind of issues your talking about. Obedience classes if you can afford them surely will address recall and help you learn how to curtail her barking and lunging. If not look into clicker training and stock up on treats and a long lead. Start by putting your pup on a long leash and throwing a toy so she has to run off to get it. When she runs off and gets the toy say come and when she does click and treat. Start this indoors so there are no distractions because she'll be more apt to comply:) Then start adding distractions still keeping her on lead and fully under your control. Once she is responding to come right away take her off leash still indoors and continue moving outdoors in a fenced area after a week or so. Eventually if you continue this everyday and commit to 3-5 short training sessions each day within a month her recall should be pretty good. There are a ton of videos on this subject here if you search for them so you can see what I talking about.

The barking, lunging, and chasing is going to take more time though a solid recall is the first step. She needs to be desensitized to the things she is going after. I use the WATCH command for this. Again start inside with clicker and treats. Take the treat and move it from her nose to your face. The minute she looks at you ie the treat in front of your face say WATCH, click, and treat. Continue to do this daily indoors with no distractions adding in more distractions each week until you are again outside with her leashed. When you think she understands what watch means start saying watch and making her look without putting the food to her nose, and finally only treating after every third time she watches on command.

The last step is using the watch command when you spot a trigger coming your way. Instead of avoiding other dogs, bikes, and squirrels say watch when one is approaching and click and treat until the trigger is out of sight. It takes a good deal of time, but is going to be a lot more effective than an e-collar in the long run:)
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