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Eats like there is no tomorrow!

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We are beginning to wonder if we are feeding Bogart enough. He eats 3 cups of "By Nature" a day, which is a good quality food with no fillers. We feed him 1 cup for breakfast, lunch, and supper, after every meal he is still looking for more food. He whines like he is still hungry, this is our first GSD , is this normal?

Last week we had cut his servings back from 1 cup to 2/3's of a cup as he was having diarrhea and somebody on this forum thought it could be that we were overfeeding. It seemed to clear up the diarrhea when we cut back, however we took him for his needles last weekend and the vet said she found him on the slim side and his food could be increased. We went back to the one cup servings and now wonder if even this is enough.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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You could try adding a 1/4 cup to the morning and night feedings, and leave the lunch feeding as is.
Some dogs are just pigs......Ava is like that and would eat herself into obesity if i let her. She always acts like she is starving, and she actually is a bit on the heavy side, not bad, but she should be leaner. She is the first GSD I've had that wasnt picky, if I give it to her, she'll eat it. I can even give her a pill not wrapped in anything and she wolfs it right up. I've had skin problems with her though. I currently have her on TOTW pacific stream, and she seems to be doing much better, but she is always looking for more food and I dont think she would hesitate to eat herself into a coma if I let her.
how old is the pup?how much does he weight?
diarrhea is common in puppies.not like you should ignore it,but i remenber when my 2gsd were puppies,it was not always hard.
is it very runny?is it everytime he goes? maybe too much water?or not enought?does he eat fast? how about treats,what do you give him?
just a few questions that will help us to try to help you.
Bogart is 12 1/2 weeks, we weighed him today and he was 26.9 lbs.
It is not runny everytime he goes. He takes drinks of water here and there, unless he is in his crate there is always water available to him. I would say he's somewhere in the middle for the amount of water he drinks. He eats very fast. Treats , he's had a few different kinds, currently he has natural balance. He's very food motivated and you could get him to do most anything for a teeny tiny piece of kibble. Ha Ha!
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just took him outside and he pooped twice , both very runny....just wondering if we should be considering trying a different brand of food....
i'm not sure what really cause the diarrhea,but you could help with slowing down eating.
you could use a rock or something like it and put it in his food.this will make him have to slide the item away from the food to get his nose in.i would not use this idea if you are feeding him wet food.
another way you can hand feeding him a little at the time and maybe use a command like"nice" or "easy" and then slowy let him eat back from the bowl.just some ideas,i'm sure someone else will post with some other idea that could help you out.
I have heard it mentioned on here that canned pumpkin can help loose stools. I have not tried it, perhaps someone can add to this?
I have always had problems with Chara, 19months, she is like a vacuum cleaner!! She never seems to get enough food and will eat just about anything, onions, oranges, bananas, potato peels............anything that hits the floor is fair game!!

I feed her in a bundt cake dish and always soak her kibble. It slows her down a little!!
If woofing the food down to quick is the problem, there is a bowl made for this that might help. It is called the brake fast dog food bowl. It can be found on . It has prongs built into the bowl that are supposed to make the dog work around them to get the food, and prevent them from gobbling it up to quick. I don't have one so i'm not sure if the bowl really works. Just something you might want to try if nothing else working.
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