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Eating Rocks???????

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My puppy is 3 months and 1 week today !! He is eating little rocks and asphalt. Can anyone tell me is he missing something in his diet?? He eats his puppy food @ 7 am then again a small lunch @ 12:30 and dinner @ 6pm So it's not like he is hungry. But when I take him outside he graps a little rock and eats it !!!
Thanks any help is wanted ..
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Brady did it too. He's a puppy and they eat everything plue he is proberbly teething. He'll grow out of it and the mean while tell him no when you see it happening
at work can't ramble long- just don't let him continue- Dublin ran his teeeth down when not watched- substitute any "rocking " with an appropriate activity - don't make a big deal about the rocks- just have a ball in hand and make the ball WAAAY mopre fun thanb the rock will ever be- he'll hopefully run out of interest in light of better things to play with -
Jesse did that at well when we got him and took a few weeks of telling him "no" "leave it", he has grown out of it and I haven't seem him touch a rock in a few months. Mind you he is a vaccuum when it comes to little stuff off trees sitting on our pool deck and chows down
I'm having the same issues with my 3 month old female. I'm finding rocks up to marble size in her poop. Not good. I thought she was just chewing on them, but no. I now keep an even closer watch on her outside and try to dissuade her using similar methods as above.
My puppy did that especially when she was real young. I used to pull the rocks out of her mouth. Now she usually spits them out if she picks them up. I also use "no rocks" and pull her away if she is on the path to rocks. She passed a few big rocks, probably not fun. They eventually outgrow it, its not a food issue, more a my mouth is my hand issue.
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