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Eating Laying Down?

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Does anyone else's dog eat laying down? I'd post a picture but cant seem to figure it out.
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Cash does. Rocky does not.
Cody would sometimes eat laying down. She was never in a hurry, she enjoyed her meal and was pretty lesurely about it.
I always make my gsdx wait before he takes his food. Sometime, he is lying down when I am ready to give it to him. I place his bowl out of range so he has to go get it. He will crawl over and drag his bowl to him and remain on the floor while he eats. Then sometimes, after he has finished eating, he walks around the house with his bowl in his mouth.

I should take a pic. of that.
<span style='font-size: 11pt'>my boy is 10 months now but he did that when he was younger. he did it alot, not all of the time but alot. i didn't do anything to correct it. he doesn't do it now. </span>
Annabelle use to when she was a puppy.

She doesn't do it anymore.
Mitzi usually does not, but sometimes she does... she has also lately taken to picking her dish and moving it...
Morgan is 7 in august, she always lays down to eat her meal leisurely.
Abby does this.

I have her sit before I put the bowl down, but once it's on the ground, she lays down in front of it and takes her time eating. Since she's raw fed, she also tends to hold her meat with her front paws when eating.
Jesse lays down sometimes when eating, usually on morning meals when he is so sleepy and I have to have him up at the crack of dawn before work.
Toby always lays down and is my slowest eater. Charlie and Mac will every now and again. The girls eat on the go
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My girl (14 year old, who passed away 7 weeks ago) used to eat laying down. She would do this because it was uncomfortable for her to stand due to HPD. I know that if you get the bowl lifters it will stop them from laying down if this concerns you, personally it never concerned me as long as they ate. Lola stands up to eat.
Bear eats lying down too. I never had a dog do this before but I'm so used to it now that when she's eating standing up I find myself telling her to "Lie down and eat properly!"
(She tends to choke on her food when she doesn't lie down.)
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Chevy eats laying down once in awhile.
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