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Eating Dirt!

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My 7 month old has gotten into the habit of eating mud. She roots around and takes large bites of dirt, chews it, and swallows. It's to the point that she has rooted up several large patches of grass and soil in the yard.

I have her on Sentinel so that she won't get worms from this, but how do I get her to stop. Why does she do it?

She seems to only do it when the yard is inundated with rain, and everything is mush. We had 6" of rain yesterday that turned the yard into a bog. She only seems to eat it when the ground is soft, and not when it firms up.

This also contributes to her having more 'accidents' in her crate due to her increased intake.
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Maybe it has something to do with the water in the soil that shes pulling up?

Not to sure myself, but my female Mya, eats the sand when i take her to the lake. Only the wet sand by the edge of the water, and i have no idea why. I always stop her when i see her doing it, but it doesnt stop her from trying!
I can't guarantee that it will work for your dog, but when Freyja was a pup and she would go after all manner of garbage. I would say "NO! Drop It!" and then pry open her mouth and pull it out. Then I would tell her "leave it", and we'd keep walking or whatever. It worked. For a while it was a game to see if she could get something in her mouth before I noticed, but I always won. And it always came out.

She eventually stopped going after garbage. And now I can even make her drop a treat she's not supposed to have (most of the time).
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