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Used to I cleaned Chance's ears with just a q-tip in the little creases and then used a cotton ball or tissue paper to wipe everything else down. I didn't really use anything except those. I picked up some "NaturVet Ear Wash with Tea Tree Oil" at Petco about a week and a half ago. I used it once the night I got it and used it again tonight. I noticed he had more icky stuff in his ears and they seemed to be "waxy". (Like a light yellow wax not that blackish stuff though he had a little bit of that) Anyone ever used this brand before? TTO is suppose to be a natural anti-fungus from what I've heard which is why I bought it in hopes to make his ears healthier even though there were no problems before. Is it just that maybe they were nastier than I realized before and so this stuffs cleaning them out or what? :S I've never gone into his ear with anything, just always cleaned around where I can see so maybe it's just loosing everything out of where I can't reach?? Which would explain the reason for his ears being...Nasty, today?

How often do you guys clean your GSD's ears?

He's not bothered by them. No bad smell/odor, no scratching, no rubbing his head against things, no tilted head, they aren't red, ect. Just...Unusually waxy. :S Which had never occured before using this product.
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