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Ears and Dog Cones?

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My 5 month old GSD puppy, Salem, has been wearing a dog head cone (I call it the cone of shame...LOL) for the past two and half weeks. She broke her back leg, had surgery, and has to wear the cone so she doesn't take the cast off. But now I am noticing when she isn't wearing the cone (when we play at night) that her ears are starting to go together at the top like a Dobbermain Pincher. Her ears have been up since 12 weeks....I just don't want the silly dog cone "of shame" to make her ears look weird the rest of her life.

Has anyone heard of an extended wearing of the cone shaping the ears weird ?
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I have no idea if wearing a cone for an extended period of time at her age will have any effect on her ear development, but I don't see how it could. I will say that some dogs go through a "conehead" phase and some don't - Sneaker was one of those whose ears came to a point at the top of her head when she was young (and we actually called her conehead!), and her ear set was totally normal once her head grew into those ears. None of my other GSDs (4 total) ever had ears that did that - they did all sorts of other things though! Dena & Keefer had much smaller ears as puppies, more proportional to the size of their heads at the time, so it all kind of grew together at a similar rate.
The ones I've seen have been forced down by the cone and stay that way.
Agreed - if the cone were forcing the ears DOWN that could be a concern. Sounds like in this case the cone is forcing the ears UP.
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