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Ear Wax?

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Seems Havoc has a lot. I clean his ears with a damp cotton ball about once a week.

The wax is brown, does not smell offensive and he does not seem to have painful ears. He grunts like it feels good when we scratch his ears and when I clean them.

He was just neutered and had a complete exam before that. Never been a comment about his ears having excess wax. As he is the first dog I have had that seems to have waxy ears I am not sure how much is normal.

Allergies maybe???
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My guess is just probably normal build-up.

I would suggest avoid using water as the cleaning agent. I apply hydrogen peroxide to a cotton ball and gently wipe the insides of my puppy's ears once a week as part of our grooming session. She likes it, and lays down with her eyes partially closed.

Once a month, I use a stronger cleaner (Blue Power - just google for it) for her ears.

Hope I have helped some.

~ Rei
Thanks! You have helped. We did use H2O2 last night.
Dena has waxy ears, most of the time it's not a problem, especially if I remember to clean them out somewhat regularly. If not, it will build up and she will start scratching at them. I have had them flushed out once or twice, and the vet put her on meds to clear it up. I NEVER clean Keef's ears, and they always look perfect.

I bought some DermaPet Malacetic Otic, and it works well as a preventative if I use it a couple times a month. It's a 2% acetic/2% boric acid solution to clean and dry the ears. According to the bottle it acidifies, adjusts ph, and is an all natural, hypo-allergenic, and environmentally sensitive solution. It can also be used on skin lesions or wounds.
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I second the Blue Power ear wash.
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it sounds like normal build up but it's good to clean them after they get wet such as swimming, getting a bath. I just cleaned Coopers ears and he had more wax than usual so after cleaning them I put a few drops down his ear to help dissolve some of the build up. He doesn't like it at all when I squirt it down his ears but he gets over it and it helps prevent ear infections. I use VET ear cleaning solution from my Vet.
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