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Ear infection- what can i do for comfort overnight?

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I am sure I have asked this before, but I am drawing a blank. I believe Crazy White has an ear infection (shaking head, scratching ear, holding it low- I inspected ear to be sure there was not anything visibly affecting it, and cleaned it with otocalm solution). I will call our vet in the morning to see if he can either call something in or see her (he will see some patients on sundays). What can I do for her tonight to ease her discomfort?

While I am thinking about it- I am sure he will suggest oral abx and the ottomax cream. Any feelings on using both? Any oral abx better than another?
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:Bumb: Bella is doing the SAME thing. I was thinking ear mites. But can't take her to the vet till the 1st :( I'm also courios as to what I can do to make her more comfie.
Dogs rarely get ear mites so your dog most likely has an ear infection. If you have access to an e-vet, call them to see if you can get some meds. It will be more expensive, but ear infections are very painful and should be taken care of as soon as possible.

Christen, do not wait until the 1st to get this taken care of.

I would never give oral antibiotics for an ear infection, unless it was a long standing severe one. Topical antibiotics do the job 99% of the time.
Just went through this with our 13 month old. Gave him 1/2 a tramadol twice a day and applied phisoderm twice a day for 4 days,it's gone. It was a leather irritation,not inner ear.
I was certainly not going to call the e-vet- for the same reason that I do not take my children to the ER for an ear infection. She has a history of ear infections related to allergy. When we finally controlled the allergy we controlled the EI issue- so it has been almost 9 months since the last ear infection. If it had been one of my two legged kids I would have given tylenol and a heating pad overnight until we could see the Dr. Obviously I can't give her tylenol and she would not lay her head on a heating pad. I really just wanted to give her some comfort through the night. We now have ottomax for 3-5 days to be followed by tresaderm drops for a week. The Dr also gave doxycycline which I may or may not use depending upon her response to the ear meds.

The Dr suggested hot compresses at the base of the ear and massage and the flushing with the ottomax if it happens again and I want to comfort her through the night.
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