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I found a new camera wire to upload pictures- yay- just a few of Eagle as I know many want to see him :)

Doing what he does best- guarding his ball :)

"Mom why are you making me lay here for pictures when I wanna play"?

Just being cute

No mom, I'm not swimming in my water bucket!!

Tired boy :)

thanks for looking
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Hmmmm, that one with the foot in the water bucket looks very familiar! Great pics and great looking pooch.
Allie he is stunning! Looks alot like his momma!!! how come all our dogs have purple jolly balls? LOL..and what happened to our little fuzzy cuddly puppies:)
Cuddly puppy?? Ha if I wanna cuddle- it involves being squashed as his 70 pound body jumps into my lap full speed, lays down for 1/10th of a second before he's gotta be on the go again!! :)
oh Allie, that sounds just like his sista Masi :)))) Does he sleep with you? My gosh, Masi is the biggest bed hog ever, I have a king size bed, and she insists on laying across my legs, or her head in my face snorting on me:)))
So this is the brother to Enzo and Masi! Wow they are all so stunning! :wub: Love the cuddly story!!!!
Diane- No he doesn't sleep on the bed, and sometimes still needs his crate at night, if he's tried enough at end of day he'll sleep well thru night, if not he has to "adjust" himself every 5 minutes :) Now that doesn't bug me cuz I can't hear him, but it bugs his daddy!! :)

Bianca- yes he is Enzo's full brother and Masi's half brother
And thank you all!! I agree, he's my handsome man!!
Allie Eagle looks great. I can see Enzo and Mom in him. He sounds just like Enzo, at home he has to sleep in a crate or he wont sleep. I've tried him a couple of times in motels and he does pretty good but still ends up in his crate. Enzo will try to sleep with me and lay his head on my neck but just cant stay still long.

I agree too he is very handsome
We were doing some obedience and agility in the yard tonight and I took a horrible picture of him jumping (out of focus) but shows his athletic side :) He loves it!!

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How did I miss this thread????! He is such a handsome and talented boy.
Allie, I have to get some pictures of Ari. They have the same markings. Little different in the head and body shape, but the markings are scary similar!
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