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Does anyone know if Eagle Pack has made any changes to their HOLISTIC SELECT ANCHOVY, SARDINE & SALMON recently? I know they made some type of change a while ago - the food went from been oily, smelling strongly of fish to being more dry/oil free and the fishy odor isn't nearly as strong. The Hooligans continued to eat it after this change.

Then a month or so ago, Kelly started leaving his food, was losing weight - would only eat canned food/soft foods. I took him to the vets, had tests, etc. and he just has his normal health issues. Because of serious arthritis in his elbows I switched him to d/j (I think that's what it's called), and now the boy licks his plate sparkling clean (he still gets a lot more canned with it then he used to).

The last couple days Honey has started leaving the majority of her food. I increased the canned and she ate that, leaving most of the kibble. Today I mixed Kel's d/j in with a little of her Eagle Pack and she ate the entire bowl. Like Kel, I gave her a lot more canned with the d/j.

The only thing I can think of is that there has been some type of manufacturing change. The three younger Hooligans still eat the food with great relish.

Any ideas???
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I use EP for my adults and switch flavors between lamb, fish, and duck holistics....I use limited fish as the dogs all got sebaceous cysts when I feed too much - so I backed off of it figuring it is too much oil - and use maybe 3 bags of meat to one of that you mention it, I think it is less fishy! But other than that, no, mine have not turned up their noses at it at all!

Basha and her daughters don't have as nice a coat on EP as Csabre/Kyra and my I only recently tried something else for them!!!! So far, I am between Fromm or California Natural and their coats are nicer! It is funny how the two different family groups react the same way to foods!!!

I don't mean to thread jack,
but Lee could you tell me more about the cysts on the fishy food?
Kelso just recently got a cyst and has another, and they have been getting more kibble that is fished based vs. raw lately. You can pm me or maybe I will make it another topic..

Sortof on topic I have fed the EP Duck once and they seemed to do well on it.
Have not tried the fish. Sorry I couldnt help more, Gayle, but I had to pop in here, you just never know what you are going to learn from a thread!
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Gayle - Caesar wouldn't eat the last bag of EP fish that I bought...I wasn't sure what was up or if it was just his time to be picky...he'll split about 9 bags of something with his brother and when we hit that 10th bag, he'll stop eating sometimes (you know, right when I get to the point where I can get the free bag). I wasn't sure if something changed or if it was him (again). *rolling eyes* I will tell you that I know it didn't smell as bad as the bag of fish food that I have right now - it's a bag of Taste of the Wild. Knocks me over every time I open the bag...but he loves it. Me, not so much.
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