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Eagle Pack Holistic Lamb and Rice

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I am feeding Quest Eagle Pack Holistic Lamb and Rice and she has huge output. Anybody else have this issue on this food?
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GSDs are big dogs and have big outputs:) As long as her weight is maintaining and she is healthy I wouldn't worry about it.
I feed the same exact food and I know alot of people like small outputs but he has been on it 3 yrs and no problems, shiny coat, no allergies and ect. Whether I clean a large load or small makes no difference just so he does well with it. I will take that anyday than to deal with hershey squirts and a smaller load. Good luck.
good points. i was just wondering if that meant she wasn't getting as much nutrients from the food as she should. my other dog (who outweighs her by 20lbs) has much smaller output with the same food and same amount.
I'm not a canine nutritionist but I would agree with your concern. We have done best with the fish formula out of Eagle Pack's Holistic line.
We fed the fish formula for quite some time and were very happy with Eagle Pack. The reason we changed is Halley developed pancreatic problems.
i will be trialing my lab mix on Natural Balance potato and duck because of food allergies. if it works for him i will transition Quest as well as i don't like them eating different food. anyone using the Natural Balance?

Yowy, that's not good.

Wanted to mention that we rotate foods, so they don't always get the fish formula or even Eagle Pack. But out of Eagle Pack's Holistic formulas the fish seemed the be the most digestible and usable in terms of "nutrition in" and "poop out."
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what's not good? Natural Balance?
I currently feed the Eagle Pack Holistic. It is the only food all three of mine will all do well on.

I do find the output is a bit more....As for the Natural Balance I fed it for quite a while (until one had issues with chicken) and found they did well on that as well.
Originally Posted By: LandosMomwhat's not good? Natural Balance?
No...Sorry, I was responding to Pat_Moreno and the pancreatic problems. I should have quoted her to be clear.

I have used Natural Balance before with good results. It's been years though and prior to Myrika (our GSD).
I just switched from the Eagle Pack Holistic Select Lamb kibble to Wellness Core Original for that reason and the fact that my dogs stopped eating it. I just bought a 30lbs bag of it too and wish I could give it to you!

Their stools are back to normal now. I still like the Eagle Pack but prefer the Wellness now.
Well, we are currently switching foods simply because the 13 year old Sammy sometimes decides enough with this particular brand. We have both on canned food -- Merricks and both are doing extremely well.

Pat Moreno
Sammy & Halley
I recently had to increase Errow's food intake on Eagle Pack lamb and his output almost doubled. With more training and walks etc. had to increase the amount almost 3/4's of a cup for the day and he still looks pretty skinny. Going to try TOTW and see how he does on it. With AD training starting soon there is no way Eagle Pack will be able to keep any weight on him. Caja has been eating Natures Variety for about a month now and is doing well on it.
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