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Coconut Oil

Hello All,
New here, my GSD had dry nose and I applied "refined" "denatured" aka "virgin" coconut oil on it. It seemed to work with my Koko. I applied it generously from the tip of the nose up to about 2" above it. Yes, natural reflex will kick in and they will lick at it, but it does not come off that easily (try washing your hands afterward), it does not harm them if swallowed, vets often suggested adding coconut oil to their diets. While mixed with their saliva, it forms a thin wet layer that lasted a few hours from my experience. Reapply throughout the day, similar theory with SPF sun-screens for us.
After I stumble upon this remedy, I backtrack for the cause. Dehydration from direct sunlight exposure is most likely it for my Koko. I relate it to a sunburn on us. I leave plenty of fresh clean water for him daily (ruled out lack of water). I've noticed that he likes to nap directly under the sun during the few hours right before sunset. He is smart enough to dodge the intense heat of the afternoon sun and stay under tree shades, but sure enough when approximately 5 pm arrives, he's at his usually spot under direct UV daydreaming how to train humans! I either put a canopy over this nap location or wake him up and lead him to a shaded spot.
My disclaimer is that I tried it and it worked with Koko, other cases could be due to illness, disease, bacteria, or fungus as suggested by others. Let's bring out the white elephant, most dogs stick their nose into everything, poop, pee, pies, so the chance of infections is a matter of time, so please don't text or talk on the phone while walking the dog, pay attention to what they are doing and refrain them.
I've listened to my grandma, she always said "an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure". She probable heard it from this guy in history who flew a kite in thunderstorm and lightning shocked him. I practice this teaching religiously, otherwise the vet bills can add up.
1 - 1 of 18 Posts
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