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Dry nose

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We feed our dog with a plastic bowl. I know we should get him a metal bowl but have not done so as of yet. The top of his nose is very dry and wanted to see what would be a good thing that I can put on there to soothe and to moisten it up. He is not in pain or anything, but it is just dry and getting a little crusty.

Thank you.
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Stainless Steel - is what you should use. There are SS (stainless steel) and metal - Much different.

Sometimes in the winter our dogs noses will get dry from our fireplaces/heat. We use something called "Aquaphor"
Its a skin protectant that really moisten's the area being treated.
Our vet said it was fine to use. You can also use anything like: Chap Stick or Vaseline.
you can use vitamin e gelcap, prick a hole in it, squeeze out the liquid and apply it to your dogs nose.
bag balm?
If the problem may want to rule out discoid lupus.
Solaray (soy based) and Country Life (wheat based) both sell a good liquid vitamin E product. You might even try some vitamin E internally (with mixed tocopherols).

In the health section there is a discussion now on crusty noses -- maybe something similar is happening with your dog?
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