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Dry food brands?

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hi, getting a puppy soon and i'm curious as to what to feed him.

i've read that a lot of the commercial brands have inexcusable ingredients such as meal from rendering plants and things dogs can't digest like corn, certain grains, ect.

i've heard the more expensive brands like Royal Canin are really good for dogs, because they provide balanced nutrition without indigestible fillers, is this true?

i'm worried, probably as any owner would be, about the effects of these brands on my future pup's health, and would like recommendations on diet.

Two other questions: NuVet comes highly recommended from the breeder i'm buying from(respectable). i'm curious as to others thoughts on this supplement.

lastly, i've heard to keep dogs on puppy chow for their first year, is this correct?

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That little rating thing where you add and subtact for different ingredients is a bunch of BS. Seriously, taking points AWAY if the food has beef or lamb in it?!?!?! But ADDING points for oatmeal, barley (very common allergy trigger), fruits (Has very little use to dogs), veggies (Again, little use to dogs), probiotics (Which would be destroyed during the cooking process and therefore useless), glucosamine/chondriotin (No kibble contains enough to make a difference anyways), because it's recommended by vets (So is Iams, Eukanuba and Science Diet, all a bunch of CRAP) or adding points for SUNFLOWER OIL which can increase the risk of cancer?!?! They're got their stuff a bit backwards.
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