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Drop on recall, NQ for too many steps?

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i was at an all breed show last Saturday because our Dalmatian club was having a meeting there, and I was talking to a friend who actually owns my dog's daughter, 2 grand-daughters, and a great grandson. She shows in conformation and obedience and is working with on of her dogs, Abby, in open (she has 2 legs so far). She was telling me that Abby would of gotten her 3rd leg, but the judge NQ'd her on the drop on recall because she thought she took too many steps before she downed after the command was given. She said it wasn't a lot of walking she did, just maybe 2-4 small steps, then she downed perfectly.

I thought this sounded wrong and she shouldnt of gotten a NQ for the whole exercise, as she did the principal part of the exercise, she came when called, downed when told, and came again when called.

So is the judge just being really picky or what?
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Here's the official rule:

Section 8. Drop on Recall, Scoring.

A nonqualifying (NQ) score must be given to any dog that does not drop completely to the down position on a single command or signal or to a dog that does not remain down until called or signaled.

Minor or substantial deductions, up to a nonqualifying (NQ) score,
shall be made for delayed or slow response to the handler’s command or signal to drop and for slow response to either of the recalls.

All applicable penalties listed under the Novice Recall shall apply.


Sounds like the judge was wrong to NQ the dog.
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thanks for replying, thats exactly what i thought! Poor Abby, she could've gotten her CDX
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OHHHHH no worries... I have been in that position TWICE now... Cody has 2 legs for his CDX and twice we have tried now with NO drop on the recall with him...
He does it perfectly in class, at home when training, right next to the ring... but when in the ring, he looks at me like "oh mommy I better come to you"... the first time he did not down at all, the second time, he did not down, so I yelled PLATZ again and he downed right infront of me...

That sucks though, I hope our next judge won't be like that...
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Well it is unfortunate but most judges will give you 2 steps for a minor deduction, 3 for a substantial and at 4 you are treading on thin ice. So if she did take 4 steps the NQ was not unfair. If the dog was coming quickly and took 4 steps after the command she may have gotten away with a minor or substantial as it may have taken the dog time and a few steps to slow down. But if the dog was coming in slowly the NQ was justified. But still heartbreaking and I am sorry for your friend.

Kayos has 2 Open legs also but I retired her for hips and diffuculty handling the broadjump. She always ran in fast on DOR and still managed to be down by the time my arm returned to my side on the signal.

Unfortunately this is sometimes a judgement call and it may depend on hoe well the dog is working overall. If the rules were re-written to be exacting it would penalize fast moving dogs so that too would be unfair. If she has 2 legs the third one will come.
I wasnt there, so im not sure exactly how many steps she took or her speed, but i had seen her do a drop on recall at another show, and she had like a trotting speed, she wasnt slow and she wasnt lightning fast. I was told she performed really well in everything else, in fact, just 2 days before when she got her 2nd leg, she got first first place with a 192.5.

She's almost there, though, im sure she'll get that third leg soon.
And you know sometimes they just do not perform as well. They are not little robots and have bad days too. So maybe something happened in another ring that caused a momentary lapse and the dog took one too many steps.

I like my dogs to come in at a gallop that way if they do take an extra step or two it is more likely to be forgiven and it is harder for the judge to see and to say they did not respond to the command immediately.
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