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Rosie. 5 months. GSD x Siberian Husky x Japanese Akita
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Hey y'all. thanks for all the warm welcomes in our introduction post earlier this week. I really love older style forums for the sense of online community and real knowledge; I belong to some others and it's really great. Other than just having a "pet," we want to set this baby dog up to thrive in the crazy human world we live in. We see this as a world that can be dangerous for a dog that doesn't know better... So we're trying to learn and understand as much as possible from knowledgeable sources like yourselves! I'm going to provide some examples and maybe y'all can provide me with your opinions, ideas, feedback, share experiences, etc. It's the easiest way for me to learn in a reading format.

Rosie is a 18 weeks (5 months I guess...) and the past 8 weeks have flown by. we picked her up from some kids who had an accidental litter when the dam got loose on a farm a couple hours south. Sire was purebred GSD (unsure of lines or anything, but was apparently something of a working dog on a farm), Dam was Siberian Husky X Siberian Husky/Japanese Akita.

Personality (not sure if it's proper to say a dog has a personality)
All things (husky DNA) considered, Rosie is a mellow puppy. First month was challenging with puppy hand biting and chewing (I know its not cool, I didn't know then, but 2 sharp bites on the ear stopped all human biting, Apple bitters are doing great for the furniture). She was house trained in a week, crate trained at the same time. She likes to play, which looks like tug, chasing balls, running around etc. And, a good portion of the time she just wants to lay on the floor or her bed. Sleeps or is at least quiet and content her crate from 11pm-730-830am... last weekend she didn't wake us until 1130am!!!). She's a sweet pup who really seems to "love" me and my wife. She follows us around the house a bit and if I'm ignoring her outside, pretty soon she'll be by my side, laying, trying to pay, or just watching and cocking her head, trying to figure it out.

Loud noises don't bother her and she's been exposed to most I can imagine, trucks, thunder, etc other than gunfire (as far as I know no gunfire anyways). She does get funny with the lawnmower, vacuum, and yard rake. She'll bark and kind of jump around it a bit. After ignoring the behavior while mowing, she got over the mower. Same with vacuum. Rake is a different story...

she is very interested in people. Anyone we let her approach or play with them freely, she has a blast being a puppy for them. rolling around, sitting on lap sometimes too.. She runs up to the 5 foot fence to see people going by and will sometimes bark but is able to stop/back off a bit when commanded "leave it." The only folks she's barked at with any intensity are the tweakers heading by every now and again (rural Northern California is an interesting place like that)

she doesn't have much interest in cats (yet) and will sit when commanded on leash near a cat. is calm with the neighbor goats and hasn't shown interest in chickens. She has chased crows as well song birds. Haven't done a ton of free play with other dogs due to 3rd shot at 16 weeks and a wild amount of irresponsible dog owners (lots of transient people with dogs everywhere makes for hard choices sometimes) in the area. We have had her play with a few dogs bigger than her though and it's been ok. Every time, she's run from them, hid under a chair, and swatted at their noses while they tried to get her. Once they walk away, she chases after them and it begins again. As soon as the bigger dogs are more tired, she'll start chasing them around the yard, kind of like a child's game of tag. Dogs we encounter on walks are hit or miss. She's been terrified of the intense doberman up the street. I was carrying her once at 14 weeks, that old boy came flying up and jumping on the fence, and she let out a really, really nasty anal secretion. Other than that, she hasn't show much fear of other dogs. Some dogs she gets excited and wants to meet, others it's really easy to keep her walking past. We've encountered a few anxious seeming dogs and she's had no interest whatsoever.

I reckon she's doing pretty well so far. She's not off leash outside the property (1/3 fenced acre) and is excellent with leave it and down when she's climbing on or into things she's not supposed to. She's gone backwards with stay and come outdoors, but we're bringing in the clicker and some higher value treats and it's maybe getting better. I think that "eyes" will help a lot. Drop it is coming along with a treat. We're doing some silly tricks to keep the mind busy, typical stuff, paw, floor, sit, spin, rollover. The tricks are really easy for her, but the real deal, serious live saving stuff is definitely harder- I guess impulse control is like that for most creatures.

We practiced a lot of leashed walking on the property and I thought we had the loose leash mastered... until we made her public debut. She's pretty tough on the flat collar during walks, so we've been using a mix between the flat collar, herm sprenger prong, and a martingale. She's was an ace with prong from the get go. We're really working to let her self correct with it. I don't think we've had to snap/pop yet. And, when we get back to the first little green flat collar we've got for her, she's got her nose in EVERYTHING, which is what a puppy is born to do.

the long and short

this baby dog is freakin awesome!
What I'm curious about is, based on your opinion and this information/experience, how might we classify or speak of her drives and temperament? I think this is possibly important to consider when contemplating what we're going to train her to do as she grows. Also, I work with traumatized kids, like I get paid to develop relationships and help really, really traumatized kids to start trusting and functioning in the world... and a huge piece of raising this pup for me is using similar principles as I do with my kiddos- consistency, predictability, fairness, rewards, and direct communication.

any thoughts ideas etc are really, really appreciated! Thank you and have a great night/day!

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She sounds like a really great puppy. Impulse control is something to work on immediately.Akitas have a tendency towards dog aggression,plus all three breeds love to chase and hunt.She'll soon be transitioning to adolescence when you'll begin to see whatever genetic tendencies she inherited emerge. Lots of reps on her recall and how to stay neutral around other animals and dogs. You'll see lots of posts here about "perfect angels" befuddling their owners at around 6mths of age:)
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