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Our male GSD, Griff, whom we adopted in '09 and is now 6 1/2 y/o, has been having a steadily worsening problem with leaking/dripping urine. He is neutered and in otherwise perfect health. This started not long after we got him and at that time he was diagnosed with crystals in his urine and the vet put him on a prescription food and the problem cleared up for a while. Vet recommended changing his food and adding glucosamine w/chondroitin, which we did.

He started dripping/leaking again in a couple months - same diagnosis, crystals in his urine again. More prescription food for a month or so, and another diet change recommendation, and we did all, to the letter, again.

Four or five months pass. Same thing starts again. No crystals in urine this time. Vet runs all kinds of tests, which cost us hundreds, and gives up. Recommends we send him to University of Missouri Vet School, which we did. Costs us thousands this time, and they found absolutely NOTHING, except that he's still dripping, making a mess all over our home, and leaving a big puddle wherever he lays down.

They had absolutely NO advice for us other than keep trying different foods. Which we did, being careful to slowly transition between each food to the next. He's a chow-hound, so he never missed a beat eating, no matter what we fed him. We finally got the best results with 4Health, Salmon and Potato, but after the a few months the condition returned, and comes and goes, with him leaking an average of 60 to 75% of the time now. He's now been leaking steadily for 3 or 4 months.

He's had multiple trips to the vet over the past few months and has been seen by at least three different vets. More tests for everything from diabetes to crystals to UTI's to God-only-knows-what. Again, no help at all from them, just lots more money spent.

A pathologist doctor friend of ours, who is a dog person, asked if he had been checked for Chronic Prostatitis. She said that it cannot be detected by culture and only by digital (finger) probing of the prostate thru the rectum, and can be treated with Bactrim antibiotic (if it's bacterial caused), but it takes at least a month to clear up.

I asked the vets if he had been digitally examined. They ALL said yes, but they ALL said that their fingers weren't long enough to reach his prostate effectively and give him a proper exam. They are all women and have small hands. I called the UM vet school and found the same thing. This absolutely infuriates me. :mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad:

I have absolutely nothing against women, but dammit, if they couldn't do the proper exam, they should have found somebody that COULD!!!!!

My question: Should I find a male vet with long fingers somewhere? Or goad my present vet into prescribing Bactrim and see if it helps? Or what should I do?

I'm losing sleep and sanity taking him out to pee every hour and a half or so, 24 HOURS A DAY. I haven't had a decent nights sleep in weeks. And I still spend at least an hour or so a day cleaning up pee all over the house. Here it is Easter day and I've spent nearly three hours today cleaning and washing stuff that's got pee all over it.
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