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Drifts to side...lame??

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I've noticed for a while that when Tash runs/trots she tends to "leg yeild", she goes forward but yet to the side. She drifts to both the left and right :huh: Does this mean anything...good...bad?

I took her out today to finish taking out the can garbage and see if she had to go pooty and I noticed she seems a little lame on the back right? Maybe it's just me being a worrying mom and "trying" to see something idk. But I do think she is a bit lame. I'm taking it that, that isn't good. Can hip problems cause lameness??

I now probably wont be able to get her in for x-rays till the end of July
It all depends on certain things and how things work out. Hopefully I can get her in before that though
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I have a thread on here "unexplained Limping".

Chara is doing the same thing but she also has a limp. I took her to an orthopedic specialist yesterday but he will not make a diagnosis until we get more x-rays next week.
yes, it could be the hips, but also spinal problems can lead to awkward gates or lameness.
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