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Don't you hate it when......

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people offer advice without being asked? Last night, Lucy and I were at the facility where we've been training for several months. We've taken a couple of obedience classes and a couple of agility classes. The majority of the floor is reserved for training, and the only place that's open is along one wall of the building that has chairs, bulletin boards, and crates lined up along it. It's pretty busy with people and dogs coming and going. Lucy and I were standing at one end and a dog about her size, (lab I think), sticks it's nose in Lucy's face and starts to growl. Lucy growled right back. The owner pulled the dog away and it was over. No growling from either dog, no barking, and no lunging. The whole thing didn't last 5 seconds. Well, this lady comes up to me and starts to tell me what to do when my dog starts to growl at other dogs. I have no idea who this lady is. I've seen her there before and I think she either runs the place or is a trainer there. Either way I've never met her. I had no problem with my dog growling back at a dog that came up to her and stuck their nose in her face. In fact, I thought she handled herself pretty well. She held her ground and didn't go after the other dog after it was pulled away. Now I'm asking. Did I do anything wrong in the way I handled my dog? Which was really nothing becaause it happened so fast, then it was over. Why do poeple feel they have to interject their opinions and/or advice when they haven't been asked, they don't know the whole story, and there wasn't a problem to begin with? And why do all the snappy comebacks always come to you on the ride home?
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LOL I understand how you feel.
You did well! Lucy did well, too, if it really was so sudden and abrupt.

Either this lady was an annoying "self-appointed Voice of Reason".. or she was actually a really good resource for you to take away free handling advice, in a situation where MrNastyDoggy may just show up again? It could be the lady is both.
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Everyone has an opinion about what you should do with your own dog! I've learned this with Brenna, she is very shy/fearful of strangers but improving with baby steps. When I was at my friend's house a few weeks ago her in laws were staying there for a couple days as well. Her BIL talked to me about Brenna for a bit and tried to get her to come up to him, etc. The next day he announced that he talked to a buddy of his who trains k-9's and his buddy says to break her out of that I should fight her (like a pit bull). HUH?? How could it possibly break my dog's fear of strangers to stick her in a pit with a dog that wants to kill her? He tried to play it off as a joke when my friend and I both looked at him like he had two heads...Ugh
yeah, the advice/comments that you never asked for but get can be annoying. Unless it is from our trainer or trusted person, I guess we all just have to ignore it

one day, one of the dogs is to skinny according to random person, the next day they are too fat...ect, ect, ect
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