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Dominate/ Rude to other dogs Need advice

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My pup Dexter is a little over 3 months now, he was rescued from a wonderful local German shepherd recuse, he was the dominate one of his litter, We are working on socializing him now, he is doing amazing at his training (GSDs are so smart!) Our problem is, he is extremely rude to other dogs not in an aggressive manner, just hes going to be the boss with any dog smaller then him or his own age, I even let him play with a very dominate female shitzu and who never backs down and with him she ran away and hid, he jumps on top tumbles over them, bites there necks abs, shows hes the boss, i really want him to be able to be social with ALL other dogs, but when he constantly picks on smaller breeds and other pups and wins it keeps paying off for him. The other owners don't like it, and I look like the bad guy, Im not sure what i should do if i should try to intervene, or if even playing with bigger older dogs would really stop him from being the tuff guy when it comes to the puppys and other small breeds, I want to nipp this in the butt now while he;s still a pup so it doesnt become a problem later in life, anyone have any ideas on what I can do??
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Well to answer my own question in case anyone else has this problem is Yes Pull him Off ive been working on this for the past month and it seems to be working Great, In social situations with smaller dogs or other puppys or just submissive dogs i just keep his leash attached and when he starts to get extra rough and be boss like mounting i Pull him off with the leash then he gets a short time out from all the fun play then hes allowed back into play and is catching on to playing alot more nice, ive also taught him the "Easy" and "Off" commands so he knows whats expected from him. He has been doing much better i think it has alot to do with him just being a puppy, But just wanted to post this in case anyone else has a bit of a bully puppy
We had a bully. Not mean, just way too rough. Very similar actually to yours. His problems were with smaller dogs, other puppies, and submissive dogs. He never messed with confident adults.

We pulled him off and we did a lot of obedience. We worked towards him being more dog neutral, so I was way more fun than the other dogs. He didn't need to play with anyone not in our family, but he did need to be polite.
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