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I agree with the above about the QAlpha roll - unless you reslly know what you are doing and/or if you do it to the wrong dog, you could find yourself in a real jam. Doesn't sound like a 9 mo puppy wouldreally need such treatment anyway.

the "zoomies" are perfectly normal it seems for a GSD puppy. In fact our 3 yo GSD does still shows the behavior once in a while and we generally let him run around (unless he gets the urge inside the house!) and then on one of his circles we will give him a "Sit" command and he will usually sit and it is over.

the food aggression to me is a LOT worse potential problem- this behavior is something I will not tolerate at all in any of past GSD's and have never had a problem as we address it from the time we get the puppy home. To teach the pup to not have FG - we would reach down and just take the food bowl or toy or chew bone away from him, hold it for afew seconds and then return it to him or even just hold the Bully stick while he chews the other end. We never had to use the "trade up" option of taking it away and giving him a better thing but i can see that working also.

That is the behavior that I would work on first with your pup - because it is obviously potentially a very dangerous one for anybody around him while he is eating or chewing.
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