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When looking for HB568 in Ohio about Pit bull banning, my googling brought me to this site.

If you ever want to get riled up, go there and read the stuff these people say. They hate pits, rotties, and wolf-hybrids, but I wouldn't give a poodle a fighting chance with the group.

I was thinking of spoof sites as a take from this one though. I thought maybe or (as Cujo lies at my feet wafting foul lamb wind my way).

Anyone else been on this website. It is full of statistics and they play the same incident, the same story over and over to get the most mileage out of it. One of the things they say is that intact dogs are 2.8% more likely to bite.

As I have heard this elsewhere, I stopped to think about it. Responsible owners who keep their dogs intact for breeding or for show or because after extensive research, they feel that neutering is a medically unsound procedure, these folks' dogs are not running around biting people. Neutered dogs owners neuter their dogs because they feel it is the responsible thing to do. These people also probably license their dogs, vaccinate their dogs, train their dogs, and socialize their dogs because it is the responsible thing to do. These dogs are not normally running around biting people either. What is left is the people who do not think, do not care, do not bother. These people are also probably not thinking about, caring, or bothering about socialization, training, having a pet not a lawn ornament, or fighting dog, or guard dog. These are the dogs that are more likely to bite. Not because they have testicals, but because they have ignorant owners.

So if people believe there will be fewer bites with mandatory speuter, I think they are sadly mistaken. There will only be fewer responsible people breeding decent dogs.
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