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dogs at large

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Hopefully this will be a constructive rant:

On the board we have stories of a GSD allowed to run loose that attacked a kid, and another about a GSD pup that was shot by a neighbor on the neighbor's property while it was chasing wildlife. In my neighborhood we had a pup shot while it was roaming free in the woods. My friend's dog, Leroy, got into poison while roaming in the woods and died. Another GSD, Kane, who she was caring for ran in front of a pick up and died enrout to the the vet -- Leroy and Kane were pups out of my first litter.

We are constantly bambarded with tragic stories about GSDs dying early because their owners do not bother to contain them and keep them safe. Breed specific legislation that affects our breed is not far off if this behavior persists as witnessed on this board as well.

I want to make a list of whitty comments, responses, actions that we can do to make people think twice about leaving their dogs run free. The problem is that I have very few ideas. If everyone can add something they can do to encourage friends, neighbors, co-workers, etc. to keep their companions controlled, we can all have something at the tip of our tongues when the situation arrises.

All I can come up with is this: When I catch a dog with collar and tags on my property and call the owner only to get the response: "let him go, he will come home," my response is going to be: "the dog has gotten into my champion rabbits and killed several whose combined worth is $4000, so please bring your checkbook along when you come to pick up your dog."

Persuading people, one person at a time, to contain their dogs may not be enough, but it could be life or death for that one person's dog. We need to reach people that do not frequent dog-communities, who do not go to training classes, who do not attend dog shows. The pitiful brochure that you can pick up at the auditor's office, is not enough.

If we could get enough money, we should by a commercial on primetime television, during the superbowl.

Somehow, attitudes about speuter have changed so much that people are speutering everything in site. We need a campaign for containment. Every time I hear about a loose dog attacking someone I become afraid of BSL.

Ohio is trying to pass a statewide ban on pits, no granfather clause, no exceptions -- all must be euthanized or rehomed outside of the state. With the lazy approach of GSD and other formidable breeds, we are not far behind.
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what does "speuter" mean?

you aren't going to stop moronic legislation with clever comments, legislators are morons with even more moronic lawyers on their side!
I say if you love 'em, leash 'em!!!
Originally Posted By: dOgwhat does "speuter" mean?
Spay or neuter
i agree, not long ago some lab mix was running loose and got my neighbors dog pregnant she had 14 and only 8 made it anyway the owner of the loose dog thought that since his dog was the father he would get 4 pups (the owner of the female had other plans and he didn't get any) but he ask if his dog got mine for she came in heat about same time I said no lucky he didn't get my champion show dog, I hadn't seen that mix
Rock Springs Wyoming has a law I like - If an intact male is loose visiting an in heat female without invitaion BOTH owners are sited! One owner tried to get me to go to city council to get the law changed -- I wouldn't do it.
Both owners are at fault if the male can impregnate the female. If the female is inaccessable to the male, than I do not like it.

The owners of the female have to know their bitch is in heat and have to be responsible about keeping her intact.

The owners of the male shouldn't let their male run loose.

If an intact female gets loose and visits an intact male, however, I would be against a law that would cite both. If the male was at his home either chained or within an invisible fence and stayed on his own property. Keeping a female in heat within an invisible fence or on a chain, is not the same as keeping an intact male on a chain or within an invisible fence. Though, I am not confident that invisible fences will hold a dog when the stakes are high, and chains can be broken. I guess my point is that, if the equipment is working properly, there is more fault on the part of the owner of the bitch than the dog, as both methods of containment cannot keep away dogs.
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The thing is that the lure of a bitch in heat will cause an intact male to surmount all sorts of obstacles - and the RS law seems to recognize that. If I remember correctly, the woman in question had called AC because a male was hanging around her place when one of her bitches was in season. Basically, the law says "you have an attractive nuisance. some of the responsibility is yours." The only 2 ways I can think of that AC would know about this would be the bitch's owner calling to complain about the dog or, the situation becoming such a nuisance that the neighbors would call.
You should not be fined for owning an intact bitch.

If she is attracting males, oh well; so long as they are not able to get to her.

And bitches are just as obnoxious about escaping and going through obstacles to get to dogs when they are ready.

I have always heard that a dog is an attractive nuisance in this context: a child goes into your yard to pet your dog. If your dog bites the child you are liable as you kept an attractive nuisance without providing enough security to protect neighborhood children who may make a bad decision.

The idea that a bitch is an attractive nuisance, while it may be true, is new to me. However, you should be able to keep them kenneled outdoors if they are secure and there is a fence around to keep them safe from roaming males. No way would I keep a poor bitch inside during her entire heat cycle.
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