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Dogs and Cats

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Some pictures of my dogs and cats sharing their space.

Connor and Sam

Connor and Spencer

Kenna and TigerLily

And then I stumbled on this one. I have always loved this picture of Connor with baby Kenna.

BIM Edale's Wild Thyme'd(Kenna)
Sunflower's Immortal of Dilquin (Connor)
Rainbow Bridge
BPIS.Ch.Sunflower's Kissin Kris CD,TC,HIC (Kris)
Sunflower's Aztec Asyak CD,TC (Azzie)
Roll of The Dice of Sunflower HIC,TC,'d (Gamble)
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awwwww such cute pics:)
Those are good photos. I don't mind cats, but it's true I'm a dog guy. My last border collie loved cats. (they tasted just like chicken) Hense, I don't have any cats around here. :eek:
Really love these!!! What gentle, loving souls!
Beautiful! What a nice GSD you have. :)
great pictures. thanks for sharing.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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