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I have one sort of like this: Solvit Deluxe Telescoping Pet Ramp - Dog Ramps For Cars and Dog Ramps For Pick-Up Trucks from (I have the older version). It works well. Be patient training your dog on it. I trained the dogs to go up progressively higher heights (setting it up on the stairs at my house) before I just stuck it on my SUV.

But I don't even use a ramp on my SUVs any more. Instead, I trained my dogs to step from the ground to the floor of the back seat on to the back seat (and then back out again.) when they ride on the seat itself. They ride in crates that are strapped in to the cargo area facing forward most of the time (in seat belt harnesses if we take my husband's SUV which is pretty rare), and they're trained that if I pull the rear (second row) seat forward, they step on the running board onto the floor behind the rear seat and into their crates.

Because they're stepping from the running board (which are 7" high) to the ground, the impact on their joints is minimal.

I trained all this with luring. It was really pretty easy. The most difficult thing is that the GSDs need to learn to twist their long bodies a bit when they're standing on the floor. But my SUVs are way smaller than yours, so it shouldn't be too hard for you. The nice thing is that I'm not carrying around a ramp that I have to lift in and out; I have more cargo area, and one less projectile if I'm ever in an accident (or just slam on my brakes really hard). On occasion, when we need to rent or borrow a car -or just ride with friends --, they've generalized this skill and step right onto the back seat floor and then on to the back seat of whatever car we're in. They never jump on and off a seat. Keeps the seat cleaner AND they avoid hard impact with the ground.

So you might want to try that before you buy a ramp. :)
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