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Doggie wheel chair

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Anyone ever use a doggie wheel chair, any brand?. I know nothing, but might need one.
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You might want to go to and post there. They have a lot of experience with all types of disabilities and are very helpful. You can see different types of equipment, also.

I'm sorry this is something you may have to deal with.
Can you tell us about your dog?
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I borrowed one for Ringer but I couldn't get him to use it.
My friend used one on her aging GSD whose back legs were giving out. It added another year to his life and he was happily chasing his kong. He didn't like it much getting in and out of the wheel chair tough - but once in it, he just raced around like crazy

He also didn't like to have the hind legs in the sling - my friend used some vet wrap on his legs so they wouldn't get sore. You can also buy dog booties for that.
Best wished and good luck!
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I used one for about 18 months for my GSD Cheyenne. She had degenerative myleopathy and lost use of her back legs within about 2 months of being diagnosed with the disease.

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I also used one for Ozy for the last 1.5 of his life (eddie's wheels). it was great. He had no problem using it, and we took him all over in it. It allowed us to give him the freedom and quality of life he deserved. We donated our cart to Eddie's wheels so they could refurbish it for a GSD in a rescue. They also have some used ones on their site.
Yup, Cheyenne's cart was an Eddies Wheels! As you can see from her photos, that cart did not slow her at all. Had it not been for that cart, she would not have had much of a life at all.

i was always surprised how FAST he was in that thing. A few times he got completely away from me tearing after something. Of all the $$$ i spent, the cart was the one thing that I KNEW made a difference in his life.
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I was blessed. Chey's physical therapist loaned me her cart. It fit as if it were made for her. I did have to replace the wheels
She used it so much that all the tread was worn off the tires LOL
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Albert has degenertive Mylopathy, and Xoe has extreme hip diplasia in her left hip, and is only five. Al's disease seems to be moving slowly, but Xoe's hip seemed to come on fast and out of nowhere. They both happy and in a good state of mind, so I want them to be able to go on walks still without the pain coming on later. I'm deciding on what kind of operation we want to do on Xoe. I'm a little scarred about the surgery, so I'm trying to find out all of the options, like recovery time. Xoe is a working lines dog, and still wants to go, go, go. Do you think I would need two different sizes, as Albert is about 100 lb stocky male and Xoe 85 lbs, female.
Thanks everyone.

Xoe's photo album-

Albert's Photo album-
I think it depends somewhat on the cart style. I know Eddie's Wheels carts are gender specific.
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