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Doggie Poo Composting?

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I am considering how to approach this. Has anyone else employed the technique? Any tips?
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That sounds really interesting, let me know how it turns out if you do this. I'll have to keep this in mind when the hubby and I buy a house, as I don't think they would want us doing that in the townhome... :rolleyes:
You startled me. i thought the title of the thread was "Doggie Poo Counseling" and I was wondering "What the heck...?"

Well, I do have so much poo to deal with, I could benefit from counseling!
I love your dog picture. Those big ole' bat ears.

was wondering if you tried this, and if so, how it turned out?
I am still working on digging the hole!! Obviously the people in the video do not live in rocky MO. This may take me awhile! lol
Keep in mind that if you are using compost for gardening, dog waste should NOT be used in any plantings or areas that will grow plants for food, or areas you plan to be used for edible plants in the future, or mixed into your regular compost if you are using that food edible plants.
An interesting idea, but my question is how long does it take for an entire trash can to compost? Seems like a good idea in theory for those with larger numbers of dogs (like myself), but the practical side of me wonders how many trash cans I would be burying in the ground to keep up with the poop if we are talking months per can to compost.

What happens to everything in the hole? Does it turn into dirt and you pull out the trash can rim somehow and dig a new hole? Or does it break down and disappear allowing you to refill with each cleaning?

How much poop before you have to put all that dirt and leaves, grass, etc in there and add the chemicals? He didn't put much in..was that just for demonstration purposes or is that all you really can put in before you have to do the rest?

so many more questions but those are the biggies...
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Oh my yes...we have recently done this...We dug a hole, put some rock in the bottom, got trash can drilled holes in it burried it, oh cut the bottom out....When we put the poo in we fill it with water depending on how dry it is, lately been real dry, probaly a couple times water...We love it, doesn't stink, i put rid X in it, and just cut grass or whatever will decompose i put in it, love it...
How many dogs does it support? What do you do when it's full?

We have 5 dogs...And I think losing the poop in the trash situation would be AWESOME.
You don't need a hole. Check out The Humanure Handbook and adapt as needed.
This is an AWESOME book!!! Read it, loved it. We don't have a flush toilet in our house, we have a sawdust toilet and we compost it in 55 gal drums.
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