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Allie has a disorder involving comprehension of auditory signals according to situational stress. To break it down, she fails to understand word meaning according to what is being communicated. TO WHIT:

I am eating dinner. Allie appears at my side, eyeballing my meal and making low wuffing sounds. She clearly is communicating an important message-Lunch is to be SHARED. I am pack leader and a good pack leader SHARES her food with other members, therefore I should SHARE half of my sandwich with her.

Cut to the evening-dogs are cavorting around and Grendel approaches one of Allie's (many) toys. Allie snatches the toy out of her mouth and runs away, snarling if any of the the others approach the sought after squeaky.

"Allie," I say sternly, "You're being selfish; you need to SHARE the toy."

Blank look.

"SHARE it, Allie. You don't get to keep all the squeaky's for yourself."

Another blank look.

"I know you know what the word SHARE means. You used it this morning."

Allie is a picture of bewilderment. Plainly the word SHARE is not, and has never been, part of her vocabulary.

I wonder if this condition can be treated with medication.

Speech therapy, maybe?

Jelpy and Mesquite Mafia
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