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doggie doo

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ok, this is not a great subject, but i am having a problem disposing of this. our disposal service says, no manure in the trash. what do you do to dispose of this?
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The definition of manure is animal excrement used as fertilizer.

If the law says no animal waste, how do they except you to dispose of it? Most communities have pooper scooper laws that you have to pick it up off the street so what are you supposed to do with it? I can't imagine any community would want people to have a yard full of sh!t.

Find a neighbor with a baby, ask them what they do with the diapers. Then do what they do.
good one. lol
i have been like double bagging it and putting out for the trash anyhow, just smells yucky. thanks for the laugh
You could use a ziplock bag. That's what I used to do with diapers after my dogs figured out how to get into the diaper bucket. LOL, that's why the diaper bucket is outside, they weren't interested in eating their own poop!
Well, you CAN flush it but it doesn't flush real well. I'd ask your disposal service what to do with baby diapers and see what their recommendation is. If it's toss them in the trash, I'd do the same with dog manure.

This is the main component of my trash and I'd be pretty annoyed if the City of North Little Rock started saying I couldn't dispose of it through their disposal service.
Just throw it in the garbage can. They're not gonna be like "Hey, I think I smell dog poop - we can't take this..." I use a bag inside out w/my hand stuck in it - pick up the pile, and turn the bag right-side out, tie it, toss it in the garbage can out behind our house. Same thing I did w/diapers...

I know that you can buy those underground systems that break down the waste quickly, but I have no idea how well they work. I don't want a miniature dog-doo septic tank in my yard...gross!
I just flush it down the toilet. Mind you, I only have one dog and she's on a raw diet so the poop is pretty small to begin with. At the dog park, I scoop and put it in the trash can like everyone else. That is everyone else who bothers to scoop after their pet.
Originally Posted By: marley girli have been like double bagging it and putting out for the trash anyhow, just smells yucky.
That's what I do, then when I prune the flowers I add a few to the bag to make it a little more fragrant.
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We dug a 4' deep hole and put a 55 gal. trash can in there with holes drilled in the bottom. Under it we put gravel and then put some septic tank powder on the top of the poop. Then you're supposed to fill with water every day.

Problem is, it only composts when the temp is warm outside and now it is full and clogged.

So now, we took an old rabbit cage (4x2x2) and are filling that up with the poop. The rain breaks it up and it drains away. It's working pretty good plus we put it in the part of the yard where all the water pools and that's where all the sticks and acorns end up after a storm. So far so good.

I can't afford all that plastic to bag all that poop. That's a lot of poop and also I just think we should keep that crap out of landfills.

We're going to try something new now that our 10 gal ShopVac died, we're going to try burning the crap. My husband just wants to get in touch with his Mongolian roots and so we're going to burn dog dung like they burn horse dung.

Not in the fireplace though LOL!
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