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dog walkathon

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Today was a humane society dog walkathon. There were over 1,000 dogs there with many vendors, shelter and adoption booths(no dogs to adopt)the spca mobile vet trailer, and competitions.
It was a really nice day low 60's and the sun was out for the most part. The park that it was held in is on a lake with woods, paved walking trails and a large grassy area. They had extreme dock diving, freestyle dancing, hyperflight frisbee, agility&ob demos, and a dog look alike owner contest. No SchH. though:(
I saw about 30 long coats, 50 other gsds, two shilohs and many great danes. Seems there were more large breeds than small and it was a wonderful time. Ran into a couple of the trainers I know, and people from training, too! My dogs did well, despite the fact that they have never been in such an environment. I hope this annual event will raise enough money for a new shelter for Kalamazoo!
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sounds like an awesome day!
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Sounds like it was a nice day! Glad it went well for you.
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