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Dog talk

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Does anyone get weird looks when they talk to their dog? I am not talking "good boy" "way to go" or basic commands. But actually talking as if having a conversation.

I talk to my dog, even if he doesn't understand me, I know he is listening. He looks right at me, with his head tilted as if he trying to communicate with me. I don't except an answer from him, but it is nice to just talk to someone who doesn't talk back!

But at the same time, I get some looks from people. I get the "what the **** is wrong with her" and the "you know he is a dog" look. I think if more people talk with their dog, there be a lot less angry people walking around!
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yeah, that could go both ways ...

"Yeah, Max, I saw him cut me off in the parking lot. It's not his fault, he couldn't see around his cell phone" LOL!

JK - I agree with you!
LOL Good one!!

I talk to my dogs all the time too. Full conversations about anything and everything. I work from home so i'm by myself all day, and sometimes you just need to talk to someone! LOL Mya will sit and stare at me while i talk, occasionally giving the head tilt and a few grunts of boredom, i can talk forever! If i talk to Bear long enough, he will walk up to me and try to climb into my lap to give me kisses, i think thats his way of politely asking me to shut up!

Some people that know or have seen me talking to them think im going a little nutty, but when im having a bad day, after i take a long walk and talk it out with Mya (shes my best i feel much better, and i dont have to lay it all on DF when he gets home from work.
yes!! Ivy does it all the time. She will tilt her head side to side- it is so cute and I love it
yes i always get that look. they look at you like what are you is like they think you are wierd and wondering what are you talking about.
Yes, I have full conversations with my dog as well. I would only be concerned if they start talking back.

I don't get the looks from anyone but my husband as I try to keep my mental instability on the down low when I'm out in puplic.
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Um If I have a conversation with Rocky I get the head cocks and he will make noises once in a while.

Now if DH and I are talking we both get head cocks (especially if we are talking about him), and he will look back and forth between us and actually contribute to the coversation LOL He has these really weird noises he makes. One of them actually reminds me of a donkey
If I didn't talk to Freyja, I would probably forget how!
(I don't interact with people as often as one probably should.)
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If I talk to my dog other than the commands he knows, he'll **** his head and stare at me. Sometimes I'll just use him to complain too about whatever.

"Lousy weather today doggy! What do you think of that?" And he'll just wag his tail and stare.
Odin is the most vocal dog I've had since Dutch. Like her, he'll respond to anything you say to him in perfect emotional inflection. "Wanna go chase squirrels Odie?" "HAR AR AR RAR!!" Was that a good treat Boo?" "Hmmm ummm." Etc., etc. Frigga occasionally has something to say too (usually about going out) but Odin always does. He thinks people are nuts who don't understand he's trying to talk to them. The look he gives me is "What are they stupid?" But yeah, I often get those looks as does DW. Most recently we were making a run to the grocery store and saying our usual stuff to the dogs as we we left them in the mini-van to go inside and the lady getting out of her car next to us gave us "that look" and laughed saying "Oh! I thought you were talking to your baby." DW shot back before I could even form the words, "We were."
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The dogs 'take me' to the grocery store on Sunday mornings. Everytime I'm getting out of the truck I always tell them to guard the truck and that I'll be right back and to stay right there. As if they were going to leave the truck right? I've turned around and realized that people had heard me and then they gave me this "Um...they gave you a driver's license??" look. I just chuckle to myself. It's our little 'thing' that we do.

I always make small talk to my dogs. If they don't want to hear it they fall asleep....or maybe fake sleep?

i talk to all mine as well, i have had alot of funny looks over the years but then i realize, the ones who i get the funny looks from dont have a dog in their life. their loss, my gain. they are the ones that are going to sit on thier back porch rocking, staring at the trees, wondering what life is about
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