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If you are shooting portrait you could use lower shutter speed but for action shots I usually want at least 1/1200 - 1/2000

example of dog portrait with low shutter and action photo with low shutter settings.

Use right exposure. If I shoot action and dog is moving from light to shadow I usually set fixed aperture, faster shutter speed (about 1/1600 or more) and auto ISO. Be careful with autoiso option on low-end cameras, if you have option to limit upper value, use it. If dogs are posing I usually have time to manually set all the parameters for best results. Be careful with action shots and large aperture (low numbers eg. f1.8) depth of field is very shallow and subject can easily fall out of focus.

example of bad exposure and editing (note* it is not the same photo, I lost original, but it is successive one so the exposure is same):

example of action shoot with 85mm f2.0 and missed focus because of shallow depth of field and inability of camera to refocus fast enough on erratic moving subject. If I used ie. 200-300mm and f5.6 her head would probably be in focus even though camera missed because of larger depth of field.

Next step, editing photos. You could use Lightroom, Adobe Camera RAW editor or any other tool that you feel comfortable working with. I use Adobe Camera RAW editor and Photoshop CC. Most editing process can be done in RAW editor but for more complicated editing you have to use something like Photoshop. I’ll cover editing in the next part.
Thank you so very much for taking the time to write, and explain in detail on photographing our pets❤🐾 I am a novice , that being said. I understood and took notes. Your dog and photography are gorgeous!
Thank you for all the tips! So very helpful. We have 3 Black & Red German Shepherd’s, Their red is so deep, it’s hard to see in a photo. In photos they can look black & tan :(
I’m not sure how to remit that issue. If you have any suggestions. Please share with me. Once again,
Thank you!
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