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Unfortunately my 7 month old is being reactive to other dogs. I take her to the dog park but like you mention, we stay outside the fence. This allows her to safely watch and sniff others dogs which come up to the fence and has been helpful. Most of the dogs seem friendly and well behaved.

I'm very, very reluctant to take her in though, mainly because (as others mention) it would only take one bad experience to put us really on the wrong track....

I love going to the dog park. But we normally have smart people there.

Now I'll stand outside of the gates and observe the other dogs first before going in. There was a rottweiler/lab mix looking dog there once and he was definitely a troublemaker. Almost started a few fights, owner wasn't even paying attention to him. I just played with Sania in the field outside of the fenced area where he was.
1 - 1 of 32 Posts
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