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One of the banner ads on THIS site, leads you here:

<span style="color: #3366FF">Dr. Dare Miller's site</span>

Last fall, I viewed sounded familiar... I emailed the company. I got a call from the good Dr himself,
we spoke on his dime for over 2 hours. I searched the net and found a used copy of his original book for $9.

I am SO convinced this guy is the basis for Jerry Howe's Wit's End Method. It is too similar to be coincidental.
Way too much the same...only Howe uses coins in a can, and Miller is selling chains with tuning forks, but the fact
of the matter is both use sound to interrupt thought, and praise to redirect and effectively "hypnotize" the mutt into
believing he is Rin Tin Tin...after which, before long, he starts acting like it!

I know it works, because I've used it. On mine, on my neighbor's dogs.
Ever try to get your neighbor's dog to listen to you? Irks the neighbors, and/or amazes them, but whatever, it works,
pretty quickly too, all things considered. It's not that hard to outsmart the dog!

Good to know where the science came from because it sure as heck didn't come from Howe! As we all know,
it takes one to know one, so I'll spare us all repeating what he must therefore be!

Too bad Miller didn't get on the net until 2006, he could have saved usenet from Howe's maniacal rantings,
maybe usenet would even be useful!
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1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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