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Dog Bed

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What size dog bed is good for a female GSD who's mom is 75 pounds (using that as an indication of size she might be?

Also, any recommendations on who has a good pet bed that will withstand a teething puppy? Or am I better off waiting until my 5 mo old is closer to a year or so before buying the bed?

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I bought one of the dog beds from Costco and the other one from Dr. Fosters I believe. I bought both beds for my previous GSD so they are probably 5-7 yrs old. When my current dog was a puppy...she did chew a little on the Costco I put it away and now that she is older...she love it and the other one. I believe they both are large (costco bed) and XL for the other bed.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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