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Dog aggression ?

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Panzer's behavior around other dog's is confusing to me. When he gets near other dog's he will bark and lunge toward them. I have been taking him to PetSmart to socialize at slow times to avoid too much overlode on him. He is fine with everyone including the kids. He was a little leary of kids when younger. He is not real engaging or friendly. He does not appear afraid just aloof. I avoid getting too close to other dogs. I have decided to just sit out side and let him see other dogs at a longer distance.
Today, I thought it was clear to bring him in for a quick walk around and a wt. check. Of cource suddenly I was presented with a Rotti about 5 ft. away. Panzer barked and lunged as did the Rotti. I guess this behavior must be fear based. Funny thing is he does not look afraid. He does not growel. He does not try to get next to me or hide behind me. It looks like is saying NO! that is as close as I will tolerate. I think maybe I will just not take him inside at all and just sit outside for him to just see other dogs coming in and out.
At 7mo. and three wks. of age this would not be a dominance behavior would it ?? I wish I knew someone with a friendly dog he could get around and not risk increasing what must be his fear of strange dogs. I have seen his behavior become nice and playfull after the initial barking behavior with another dog.
This whole fear, dominance, protection, aggression thing can be a little confusing. lol.
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Has he ever been attacked by another dog when younger?
Yes! At 4 mo. a Boxer at Petsmart tumbeled him over. I think the boxer was in a play mode but he was larger. Panzer came up with teeth bared. A short time later the 9 mo. old dog next door did the same thing. Panzer came up baring his teeth and actualy chased the dog. I have thought about those interactions and blamed myself for not being more protective.
About this time two dogs next door on the other side of my fence charged in attack mode. Panzer yelped and went to my back porch. He now waits for them to let them out and is ready to protect his space. No fear at all demonstrated.
About this time he did seem to be just a little shy of kids. He barked at one running down a hallway at x- mas. He was also shy of two dogs that we would confront across a fence when walking. He now will move toward them barking. I do not go that way on walks now.
Panzer is great in the house. He gets along with my other dog. No food issues or any thing else. He has no health issues per the vet.
He seems to be a confident dog.
He seems to have a problem with other dogs when they get close.
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i was thinking the same thing about him having a bad experience with another dog incident somewhere along the line. also, take a look on how you react when your dog is about to see another dog. your obviously nervous and apprehensive, they pick up on that real quick. you probably automatically tighten up on the leash which signals you are tense, then the dog senses trouble and reacts. i do think its fear based. not all dogs tuck tail and hide with fear issues. most of the time its the opposite. the mentality is "i am going to get you before you get me" type thing.
i would go back to square one, take a look at how you handle such situations, your reactions, actions, when this happens. i would also set him up slowly with distant encounters with non-reactive dogs. you will have better success this way.
the key is to catch the behavior before he flips out and is out of control. teaching to ignore, and focus on you.
i would seriously get some professional help. they can tell you what your doing wrong, and give you valuable tools and info to help you work with this issue.
some dogs never like other dogs, or are always going to be reactive from fear based issues. the key for you is to recognize the signs early and learn how to distract it from happening.
i would never hide him from the world, he needs to socialize in every way. but start off with the right tools, and slow encounters in a controlled inviroment to ensure confidence and success.

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I do have the card of a trainer. She watched Panzer get approached by two dogs in the parking lot of Petsmart a few weeks ago. He did bark a couple of times as they approached but settled quickly when I had him sit. She watched this interaction and came to speak to me. She asked to pet him. He is fine with people. She told me that she did advanced obediance training and had other trainers for beginer classes.
I have read about my possable transfer of nervousness through the leash. I never comfort him in these situations. Looks like I must not be doing somthing right though.
He generally seems happy and confident. He has had some challenging things occur at important developmental periods. Perhaps genetics are at play of course. Maybe onother dog would have just blown off these situations.
I do wonder if as he gets older he will settle( with help) and be more confident meeting new dogs. Wish me luck!
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if your dog has fear aggression based issue, it will not get better with age unless you work with him. in fact it will get worse unless you get the right help for him.
yes, some aggressive tendancies can be inherited, but inviroment and early negative situations can be a big player. its imporatant to take care of it now or at least know how to handle him in dog situations.
as i said above some dogs are never comfortable with other dogs in their personal space, but if you handle things right he will settle nowing your in charge.

good luck,
Advice please! I have a friend at work who has a Golden ret. 1 1/2 years old that is very good with other dogs. My friend has listened to my discription of Panzer's behavior. He has suggested we get together at his place and let the dogs get acquainted. He has a couple of fenced in acres.
How should I handle this introduction? I want to provide a positive interaction with a strange dog for Panzer and do it the proper way.This probably seems like a dumb question. Still, I could use some advice.

its not a dumb question, its good that you want to get information on how to introduce the dogs.

the best way is to take your pup over to this friends house on a leash, and have your friend do the same. take the two dogs for a leash walk together first. walking them together without much contact at first would be the best introduction. after the walk you can let them play, by then they should be best walking buddies. i agree that a golden would be a good dog to work with.

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