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does your dog do this?

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In the morning Lucy will stretch out so much that her back feet flip over and rest on their tops. It's all a smooth movement, both out and back. But I've never seen this before. Does it mean anything?
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Haha! I know what you're talking about, Vegas and Nevada both do it. As does my dachshund Reno. I never thought that it meant anything more than a good stretch. I'll be sure to keep up with this thread to see what everyone else thinks.
My friends call it her ballet streching! LOL Her back paws fold under as she walks stretching out her back legs. I thought she was just weird! INteresting that others do it as well, I've never had a dog do it before her!
I actually have a step down from my living room to my den and they will do the stretch down the step so they get an even bigger stretch. They are more clever than they get credit for.

When Argos gets out of his crate in the morning he always has a good stretch where he looks like he's dragging his backend, it's so stretched out.

He does this on the tile downstairs and we call it his "moonwalk" because after he finishes he backs up with his front legs to stand again and slides across the floor!
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Looks like Lucy's fine.
Normal, only means she understands the value of a good stretch...
looks like K9 Yoga.
Mandi does this as well and at first it worried me. But then again, everything worries me when i get a new puppy...just like having a new baby in the house.

Now I think it is cute, but I wish she'd do this in the house and not wait until we are outside in the mud, dirt and wet ground which makes her tummy all wet and dirty. LoL.
my puppy does that too. every time she gets out of her cage she stretches like that. She also will get in that position to scratch her belly on the the ground. she pulls her body with her front legs and has her back legs sprawled out. I saw she is training for the marines doing low crawls. She will do it under all our kitchen chairs and in the grass.
both of my dogs doe it too
nothing to worry about
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