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Does you spouse/SO love dogs?

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OK, I don't have a SO currently, but every man I have been involved has been an animal lover. No way would it have worked out otherwise. If a man or woman doesn't like animals it will always be a problem living with someone who is a huge animal lover, especially if they want their animals indoors.
my DH tolerates me having Tessa only because he knows it makes me happy... he does take her for walks and pays attention to her only because as he puts it "... I need her to like me, even if I don't like her 'cuz she loves you..." I think he is afraid that she will decide on her own that he isn't needed and begin to make plans for his demise
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My husband loves Molly and has always had a dog in his life, but I still wouldn't say he loves dogs, but he definitely likes them. If he loved them, he would let me get a puppy that I want
He is great with Molly though and we share responsibility with her. He feeds her and takes her for walks and plays with her, but he isn't addicted to training like I am, so training and classes is my territory.
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My husband loves animals also. Can't say that he's quite as "nuts" about them as me, but he's a great "dad". He grumbles about 4 kitties in the house, but guess who messes with them the most??? And guess who brought two of them home - both strays and he couldn't walk away from them. It's a good thing he has some common sense when it comes to how many we can handle, or I don't think I could stop at the six we have!
DF loves dogs. We'll probably always have one. He never really knew much about the correct care, but he's always had bonds with them & had GSD's ... so we've learned together thanks to this site.
my fiance loves our dogs but considers Jayda to be a pain in the butt, hes always complaining but i always catch him cuddling with both dogs on the bed or couch and talking baby talk to them sometimes its pretty cute.
My Dh loves cody, no question about that. If he was single though, he would have no animals. He LOVES the cats, he was the one who wanted the cats, he is more of a cat person, because they don't need as much care as dogs do. He does not like to walk Cody, if he has to, he will, but oftentimes he would rather just play than go for a walk. he wont take him to the vet, or clip his nails or brush him. Not once has he cleaned up the yard after him.. but he does play with him and cuddle and give kisses..
I think he is doing fine with all the animals we have ...
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You guys are all so lucky! Where did you meet these fab men?

All of my ex's were dog lovers, but the current b/f ambushed me. It was a friendship that suddenly developed into a relationship.

I know it's wrong, but when I first meet a non-dog lover I peg them as cold or off in some way. They really need to work to change my mind.
My ex adored the animals, that is one thing i dug about him. I wouldn't even consider dating anyone who wasn't crazy about dogs & cats considering I have 6.
My DW is a lifelong dog lover. When I met her she had a very old Great Pyrenees. I had an Old GSD then, Odin's Uncle Willie. Among the first things we went through together before we were anything much more than friends was the passing of our dogs. The emotional impact we both felt and saw in each other served to bond us closer and in short order we became a couple. Later she got a GSD/Beagle cross and a Labrador/Basset Hound cross at the pound. Wyatt was killed by a malicious truck driver (he swerved to hit him) but she still has Billie, the GSD/Beagle.

She didn't like cats though when I met her. Mostly because of her grandmother's psycho cats as she called them. Hop Sing changed her mind about cats though and she realized that like dogs they are usually a reflection of their owner. So she has Hazel now.

DW's devotion to dogs have led her to abandoning the bakery job were I met her to becoming a vet tech and a dog trainer in her own right. She teaches puppy classes and beginner basics. She's on my case now to restart my own dog training classes. I will probably do so this spring. Just too darn busy right now.
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My DH is a dog lover but wasn't necessarily a GSD lover... I got him started on the breed and now he's a serious lover...

His sister however hates dogs... good thing she doesn't have any.
my dh has always liked dogs, we have had cats in apt. and then dogs when we were able to. But he isn't passionate about them as I am. He did "surprise" us w/Onyx at Christmas...I was more surprised that he was into getting a pup than the pup herself. I just wish he would have let me be involved in the decision. Onyx is from a breeder that I may not have went with had I known. I would definately have rescued instead. Oh, well, I love her so much that the point is now MUTE!!!
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likes dogs in general, but loves our dogs. Spoils them,lol, but loves them
My husband loved the dogs though tolerated them in the house and on the bed for me.
I'm lucky, my DH loves dogs-he grew up with GSD'S. I on the other hand grew up with cats-had very limited experience with dogs. My best girlfriend got a Newfoundland puppy years ago and I fell in love! Told Dh I wanted a puppy and of course he wanted a GSD and he won. That's how our girl Sheba came into our lives. We both loved her like she was our daughter and when she went to the bridge we went back to the same breeder and hence Kayla came into our life. Neither one of us can imagine our life now without a GSD in it. Kayla was a real handful at first but is turning into a real sweetheart as she matures. We both share her walks, cleaning up after her and feeding/fresh water for her, and loving her, playing with her and snuggling with her.
My fiancee didn't think about dogs much. Then, he met me, and Grimm.
He LOVES Grimm, and amazingly, seems to feel and understand Grimm's feelings very quickly and accurately, sees things from Grimm's perspective, even without me needing to explain how Grimm feels or sees things. He just feels it along with Grimm. He reads Grimm with amazing accuracy.

He's not yet accustomed to the way we all think-- scheduling our lives around our dog's schedules for potty time, play time, walk time, feeding time, training time, etc. It's a new thing for him.

Best of all, is that he LOVES Grimm!
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My IH (Insane Husband) bought me a kitten when we first got together, then later said she reminded him of why he hates cats. Now, this is the same man that speng umpteen dollars on cat toys and a kitty condo the day we got her. He has also said, "Bless you." to the cat when he sneezes, because "animals are people, too."

Before we got Shadow, he said to me one day, out of the blue, "I think we should get a puppy." I asked him, "Are you insane? Did your mother drop you on your head???" We live in a large two bedroom apartmen, not exactly the ideal setting for a puppy. When I finally agreed I was thinking cute little fluffy puppy, a Benji type dog. He found out about Shadow being available and the next thing I know, I'm getting bombarded with all the information on what a great service dogs GSD's are.

The other day he claimed he hates dogs too. Yeah, uh huh, sure right... I'll believe that when he starts ignoring the dog. That ain't gonna happen anytime soon. I think I'm married to an in the closet animal lover. Ya know what I mean? LOL
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My bf loves Bond like no other (aside from me of course!) but as he puts it "Bond would be eating purina if it wasn't for you!" because while he loves Bond, he doesn't spend the time that I do reading and learning!!!
I think my IH (insane husband) feels like if he says he hates dogs that gives him a right to complain about things the puppy does but (and this is a big but) he is always the first in line when it comes time to walk the dog or take him to his obedience class. Shadow adores him, which belies his statement about 'hating dogs!' LOL Little does he know...
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