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Can I possibly get any input here please.
Does this look like a full GSD to you?
The dog is 9 months old, 67 pounds.
Owner says this one had 6 siblings, and the parents were both German Shepherds.
This one here is not registered.
Anyways, he's got a great temperament. Good with kids and dogs. Very social.

He's got quite substantial legs and feet. I guess that he may reach 85 pounds when fully grown. Not sure, just a guess here.

What line do you think he's from? I can't tell if he's possibly mixed with another breed in there, or not.

I'd love opinions please.

Given that I am new, this darn site refuses to let me post a pic or link. :frown2:
Really can I simply buy a membership to get full access now?

I posted this very thread on the General Behavior forum (kind of an oops post there, but that's where I put the first one). It is there with pics uploaded if anyone might look for it please.
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