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Does he even know..??

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I wanted to know something very important...
My boy is 6 months just about 60 pounds and 19-20 inches tall (his father was the same way). We have another dog at home she is a small puggle (beagle & pug mix). I have noticed something i just dont understand about him, they play together ALOT they are really really good friends but he plays with her like shes a 200 pound mastiff!!!! He opens his mouth on her neck and just tries to pick her up!! or her goes over her and stands over her like shes a crawling ant!! it seems like hes trying to bully her around or something else i cant really figure out!!
The question is.. at his age does he even know how huge he is???
Or another thing.. I remember when i brought him home at 4 weeks (i had to it was life or death situation for him) she used to bully him around in the exact same matters! does he remember what she used to do with him and now its like payback time??? Thanks all :hug:
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Sounds to me like he's a typical puppy and enjoys playing.
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