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I would want to know the hips cores on both parents (OFA, 'a' stamp from Germany or other European scores, Pennhip)/ Fair is still passing. When breeding we look at the depth and breadth of pedigree so a fair from a litter of a bunch of goods and excellent or normal and from a long line of goods/excellents/normals would not worry me much where as an excellent from a litter of not passing or a pedigree that is missing a lot of ratings would.

Temperament is genetics influenced by training. You might be able to help a dog with a bad temperament or weak nerves function in life they will never be as strong or reliable as a dog born with very good or excellent temperament and nerves.

I have heard of neither breeder.

In MI, you should check out Wildhaus kennels.
(Wildhaus Kennels, Working German Shepherd Breeder in Michigan)


Aus Gerstbrei

I know both of their dogs well and both trial, temperament and health test their dogs.
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