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i think that's really good that your dog
comes to you for an ok to stop barking.
your other dog coming to get you when something is wrong
is really smart. my dog retrieves the mail but i ddin't really
teach him to do that. i was at my GF's mothers house talking
to the mail carrier over the fence. the mail carrier gave my dog a
biscuit. then he handed him the mail and i said "go to Rosie" and
my dog took the mail to my GF. the second time he took the mail
to her we were on the sidewalk and the mail carrier came down the street. he stopped to pet my dog. i asked him to give my dog the mail.
he handed Loki the mail and i said "go to Rosie". this time Loki had to go
down the street to my GF. after those 2 times he loves getting the mail.
at home we open the door and he goes down the driveway and takes the
mail from the carrier and brings it to us. he'll retrieve my neighbors mail for them also. when we're going out my dog will get his leash from a box
i keep beside the door. i keep the leash folded down and held with
rubberbands. i never taught him to get his leash. i did mark the behaviour
the first time he did it.
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