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Do your dogs do things that make you wonder why or how they learned the behavior? My guys do two things that I can't figure out.

If the dogs see something outside and start barking they'll both stop when I say "it's okay", but if I don't say that, Harley will run from the window over to me, hit my hand or jump on me, run back to the window and bark again...and he'll keep doing this until I tell him it's okay. Annie just stays at the window and barks.
It's almost like he's coming to me expecting the "it's okay" words and when he doesn't get them he goes back to barking. Would that make sense? He's not a nervous or reactive dog, he's actually really solid.

The other thing is Annie is alerting us to things. (not sure of the right word) This is a gross example but she'll come into my office and just stare at me and whine until I get up and follow her, and sure enough, the cat has thrown up in the family room. She'll do this if Harley has his nose in the garbage pail, if the cat is on the table etc. It's like she knows exactly how things are supposed to be and when they aren't that way, she comes and tells me.
I keep thinking there's something really cool I could do with this, but I didn't train it, she just does it. She's the kind of dog who's going to wake us up in the middle of the night if there's a fire. (I hope)..I just don't know why she started doing it. Do your dogs do this?

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My dogs do all sorts of things that make me go huh?

They lick their junk
eat sticks, rocks, grass, and other things that are so not food
they pee in the same spot and on top of any other dogs pee
they drink from the toilet even with fresh water 4 ft away
When I'm not even talking to them they immediately sit right in front of me and begin to listen with the head tilt and 360 degree ears
they clean out each others ears
they smell butts even non doggy one's
they alert me to vomit too
Zoe has even woken me up twice now when one of the kids had a fever in the middle of the night
My lab HAS to put away our shoes if one of us flings them randomly on the floor
and lastly Zoe wakes me up to tell me every night there is a deer in our yard and whines like she wants to go play with them.

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LOL I just think their trying to get the other in trouble- "like look what xxxxx did mom that wasn't me I am so cute":D Maybe they are worried about their friend too -I know when the kids are sick my GSD is a whiney pacing mess if I try to close their doors. She HAS to be right there monitoring the situation and wants to stay right with them like she knows they are off. My son had his tonsils out last week and it got so bad with her my DH and mom had to feed her in his room because she would not come down to eat or potty. She wouldn't come when they called her to go outside for walks or potty breaks so they had to leash her and drag her out just to do her business. She even tried to go after my mom when she visited to check on him. He was asleep with Zoe in his bed and when she opened the door Zoe immediately lunged at her barking and blocked the door.

I also just got out of the hospital last week and she responded the same way- laid right with me staring at me, panting, and driving me insane,lol

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My female Kaycee used to alert me to when the pup was getting into trouble.

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i think that's really good that your dog
comes to you for an ok to stop barking.
your other dog coming to get you when something is wrong
is really smart. my dog retrieves the mail but i ddin't really
teach him to do that. i was at my GF's mothers house talking
to the mail carrier over the fence. the mail carrier gave my dog a
biscuit. then he handed him the mail and i said "go to Rosie" and
my dog took the mail to my GF. the second time he took the mail
to her we were on the sidewalk and the mail carrier came down the street. he stopped to pet my dog. i asked him to give my dog the mail.
he handed Loki the mail and i said "go to Rosie". this time Loki had to go
down the street to my GF. after those 2 times he loves getting the mail.
at home we open the door and he goes down the driveway and takes the
mail from the carrier and brings it to us. he'll retrieve my neighbors mail for them also. when we're going out my dog will get his leash from a box
i keep beside the door. i keep the leash folded down and held with
rubberbands. i never taught him to get his leash. i did mark the behaviour
the first time he did it.

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mine pee's while walking... if he grabs something he knows he's not supposed to have he runs off w/ his ears completely behind him and does some sort of hoppy run type thing..
poops in 3 different spots and will only poop if im watching him even tho he knows how to use the doggy door, follows me EVERYWHERE, and if i go out of sight he whines and barks and scratches at the baby gate..
nips at me then when i tell him to stop he starts licking me..
and whats their obsession with shoes? LOL
he plays with EVERYTHING, except his toys
grabs his bed and starts humping it
he knows "come" "sit" "lay down" and sit back up from laying down, while in the garage... but if i take him anywhere else (even on walks) its a pain in the butt to get him to do anything
and LOVES the taste of bitter apple o_O
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