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Do you just have days

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where you don't want to leave them? Its been awful lately to say goodbye to Jackson when I go to work...I can't wait to get home to play with him and work on whatever command he is learning.

I need to find a job that is "pet friendly"
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:Dtoday, yesterday.....tomorrow.........
I love to simply cuddle up and pet them I 'could ' do that for hours on end- I thing I need to find someone to pay me to do that!!!!
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OMG I hate leaving to go to work.
But coming home is always great Brady is SOOOOOOOOOOO happy when I get home. At least I get to go home for lunch so it isn't as bad. My job isn't even Kid friendly when I talk about B-boy they look at me like he's only a dog.
My hubby and I want to take a vaca but only if they can join us.
Happens to me all the time....I've even been known to call in sick at times when I just can't leave them. Its hard and they don't make it any easier when they sit at the window looking all sad when you drive away!!!
so agree on the window part
He looks at me like why are you leaving
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