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Do you feed sardines?

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Do you feed the ones in olive oil or water? How many per day?
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I give Jake a few about once a month or so, I give him sardines packed in water....he LOVES them.
Do you feed the ones in olive oil or water? How many per day?
Miikka LOVES, LOVES, LOVES sardines! I give them to her once per week. I normally buy the ones packed in water but I have inadvertently purchased the oil-packed and they didn’t seem to bother her. I have also fed her canned jack mackerel. She loves that as well.
PAcked in water, no salt. Only one sardine per dog...every other week or so.
how many are you feeding at a time? Do you use additional fish oil daily
how many are you feeding at a time? Do you use additional fish oil daily

I give each dog about a half can per week. Miikka gets a little more just because she's a bigger dog ;-)
Yes, Jax gets at least 1 can per week, usually with mackerel. Sardines have alot of sodium added so find the ones with no salt added.
Thanks :D are you also giving additional fish oil or just the sardines
Jax gets 2000 mg of fish oil/day. But that is because, according to one vet, she has mild HD and she was bunny hopping. Otherwise, I would give her 1000mg/day of fish oil.
My dogs get fish once or twice week - sardines, Jack Mackerel or salmon (I rotate the types) all packed in water. If I think there is too much sodium I rinse it off before serving. I feed it the same as other food - by weight, so Anja gets 8 oz, Conor gets about 15 oz, per time. Sometimes I add some pureed veggies.....they love it!

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Yes.. Sardines packed in water 1x week. Salmon 1x week. they have had Mackeral before too.
do you just put them in with their regular food?
I have tried the Raw fish.... and my dogs will not touch it... they absolutely LOVE canned Mackerel but it upsets their stomachs like crazy. I personally haven't tried Sardines just because of the stomach sensitivity ( though, that is the ONLY thing that causes it), but I just ran out of the Salmon Oil I was adding to their diets.. and Cullen is scratching up a storm so I need to get some more!
I feed sardines once a month when I give the dogs their Heartguard. Hondo refuses to eat Heartguard, but I'll pull it into tiny pieces and hide it in the sardine. They can mask the smell of anything.
Molly gets a can a week of the packed in water no added salt ( in one meal), she loves them. I also give her fish oil daily.
might be a silly question but how about the bones? Do they come cleaned? I have never fed any kind of fish to goofy...mackerel might work...maybe
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