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Do these look real

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This guy just posted in the newspaper and he is selling them as his first liter for 300 with akc papers but the lighter one looks a little weird to me.
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I always get creeped out when someone spells the breed wrong. "Shepards" is incorrect.
yeah i know right
holy crap this person is breeding german shepherds and can't even spell german shepherds. not to mention they breed THREE different breeds- malamutes, poms, and GSDS. stay far away- very, very far away!
The puppies look pure to me, but I am not a breeder. Why do people misspell Shepherd? Honestly. I would not buy from someone who did not even know what they were breeding. Sad, really.
I wouldn't trust anyone who breeds more than 1 breed. Obviously, they do it for the money, not to better the breed. . . and that means back yard breeder.

Stay far, far, away
Looks real to me.

I personally don't get hung up on spelling basically because I’m a poor speller myself. Sure, someone who’s breeding a certain breed should know how to spell the breed but it’s not the most important thing in the world. If they’re like me and misspell something but are in all other areas breeding excellent dogs, I could care less how they spell it.
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Yes, they are purebred.

But no registered names or pedigrees listed, and of course no mention of titles, hip/elbow certifications (highly unlikely either parent has either one). A "guarantee" that only covers *fatal* genetic defects. Not to mention they can't even spell the breed's name correctly... I would definitely PASS!
I dunno about the black and tan being purebred.
The head doesn't look right.
Looks like a Spuds Mckenzie head.

The wrong spelling of Shepherd really urks me!
I too would definately pass. They are breeding ONLY for the money. Not only can the not spell Shepherd, but that is the most unattractive Malamute I have ever seen. (That dog looks like a mix.)
too many breeds from one breeder for me. I'd pass. I want a breeder whos passionate about GSD's and devotes their breeding program to them.
Back yard breeder for sure, also in for the money only, not enough information provided and non refundable deposits and installments.... Run away.
Just wanted to add that this person is selling their GSD's with Full Registration and without a spay/neuter agreement. Most good breeders don't do this. From my experience, Full Regristration is reserved for what the breeder feels might be an exceptional pup from a litter and sold to someone as such, otherwise most dogs come with a Limited Registration. The difference??? With a Full Registration the dog can be bred with another AKC dog with Full Registration and all pups are then AKC registered. The Limited Registration dogs that are bred do not qualify to be AKC registered as he/she should not have been bred to begin with. The idea here is to ensure the future breeding dogs so that they best meet the standard and to try to cut back some on these backyard breeders. I would def stay away from this place.
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Originally Posted By: GSD Lover II
I dunno about the black and tan being purebred.
The head doesn't look right.
Looks like a Spuds Mckenzie head.
Seriously... that looks like a huge bull terrier!
The light one lacks a stop to such an extent that she looks like a bull terrier.

Hips???? Health? Temperament? Accomplishments?
Re: Do these look real

NO. The male does but the female looks like she's part something else. Neither one of them looks very happy. If they're going to breed dogs, at least take some time and get some good pictures. While they're at it, invest in a spell checker...
Opps, we're raising the hit counter on their website.
I think the Malamute is gorgeous. I love the face, markings, expression & that it looks 'rangier' rather than bulked out.

Other than the looks of the Mal, there's NOTHING about this breeder that appeals to me, for all of the reasons mentioned by other posters.

I'd pass, even on that (IMO)stunning Mal (if he was available!).
Weird...The POMs & GSDs come with AKC full registration but the Mals only come with AKC limited registration. I don't understand why they'd do full with 2 breeds & limited with the 1 breed...
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